Video and Audio

Watch a short video about our local working class initiative here:

Wide-ranging discussion of ‘Class Power’ with Ashok and Sarah and the Left Book Club:

Listen to our podcast with Final Straw Radio:

Check out a video discussion with SAC comrades from Sweden:

Check out our interview with Laborwave Radio from the US of America:

Listen to our conversation with the comrades from Antifada collective from the US here:

plus bonustrack:

Watch the live-stream of our meeting with the Partisan Collective in Manchester here:

Listen to a discussion on ‘All the Rage’-radio here:

Listen to our talk in the The Global Staff Room here:

Listen to a Labour Days podcast on our experiences here:

Watch the English book presentation of ‘Class Power on Zero Hours’ here:

And here:

Watch a German book presentation of ‘Class Power on Zero Hours’ here:

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